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We are an independent children’s book publisher. Our books are written with lots of love and wonderfully illustrated.

We love books at Al Maurid, especially books that deliver a message and fun!

We hope our books will capture childrens’ vivid imagination and spark curiosity to discover the wonderful creation of Allah (SWT) and Islam in our children, In sha Allah.

This year, In sha Allah, we’ll be launching our new awesome book…so just watch this space!

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Our Books

Aishah learns to bake

“AISHAH LEARNS TO BAKE” is a fun and creative way to explain how to bake a cake, with an islamic theme. The book is suitable for young readers.

Print: £5.57

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Alhamdulillah Personalised eBook

The Alhamdulillah (All Praise be to Allah) eBook involves the child directly in the story by using their name, age and parents name. Their siblings, friends, relatives or pets names can also be included in the eBook.

eBook Price: £3.99

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We welcome bookstores, representatives and resellers who are interested to market our products.

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